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Calling all billiard enthusiasts!! is an innovative and exciting new billiard social networking site for those who are looking to connect with other billiard enthusiasts to share their passion for all things billiards. Our efforts have been poured into providing you with a fun and relaxed environment in which you can interact with people who share a common love for the game of pool. This new online billiard community will embody the essence of the extraordinary billiard experiences we share, experiences that can only really be understood by those who have a passion for it and who understand the thrills of the billiard industry. Here you will find forums, pro player profiles, billiard videos, discussions, friends, and much more.
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Pool Spots V3 is Up and Runnin...
June 11, 4:57 pm BarrettPatterson
Hello fellow pool players, <br /> <br />I'm proud to announce that V3 of Pool Spots is up and runnin...
8 ball break
April 3, 10:20 pm yepmas
The 8 ball break is essential to jam up 8 ball play. When you can master hitting that second ball an...
loose rackers
April 3, 10:10 pm yepmas
Why do they call it a "road rack?" ;
New place to sell your Pool st...
January 19, 4:29 pm CocoboloCowboy
<a href=" ;http://ww w.poolcuemar" target=&qu ot;_blank& quot; rel=" nofollow&q uot;>Pool Cue Market</a>
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Patrick Sampey
Winning The 8 ball, Bar B...
:P Alrighty then, What I mean by 'Winn ing The 8 Ball, Bar Box' is not just winning every now and...
The Scottish Profession al...
Hi all, Just thought Id let you know about this tournament as its been revamped for the first time s...
GSBT - insidepool mag
Hi all ,I was watching the GSBT pool tournament on Ustreams and was asked to vote on this You-tube v...
Zach Binmore
Gloves in pool????
Hi i'm from the UK and have been enjoying USA pool for some time. Can anyone tell me whats the story...
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